Agreed Statement of Facts

Agreed Statement of Facts

Things to do in case of Accident :
  • Switch on your warning lights and place the reflecting triangles at a reasonable distance from the rear of the vehicle.
  • Check that both vehicles involved in the accident have an insurance vignette. Refer to the checklist to ensure that you may use the Agreed Statement of Facts form in the case of your accident. If any case of accident applies call the police (Tel: 208 0034 - 35).
  • Clearly mark the position of the vehicles' wheels and registration mark with a yellow indelible marker or special chalk on the surface of the road. You don't have to wait for the police to do so.
  • If your damage vehicle is likely to cause an obstruction on the road, remove it from the road to the nearest safe place, after having marked the accident area.
  • Agree on the circumstances of the accident. Fill in the Agreed Statement of Facts form on the spot of the accident. Sign the form and keep one of the originals.
  • Contact your insurer immediately and give him a copy of the completed and signed form as soon as possible and in any case not later than 5 days after the accident.


    It is the insurers who will determine the respective liabilities of the drivers from the information recorded on the form.

    The Statement of Facts form should not be filled if:

    • More than 2 vehicles are involved in the accident.

    • The driver of the other vehicle does not agree with you on how the accident happened.

    • The driver appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

    • There are casualties (fatal, serious or slight injuries).

    • There is damage to structure and property other than the vehicles (e.g traffic signs, guardrials, kerbs, boundary walls, gates, etc.).

    • A State-owned vehicle is involved in the accident.

    • Any of the motor vehicles does not have a valid insurance vignette.

    • One of the drivers does not hold a valid driving licence.
    What to do in situations where the form cannot be used ?
    • Immediately call the police for assistance on 208 0034 - 35


    Insurance Hotline in case of bodily injury or fatal accident: 5 940 31 65 / 5940 31 63

    Click Here to download the Agreed Statement of Facts