Claims Centre

Our service agreement is to settle claims promptly as far as possible, with the support of experienced licensed surveyors, loss adjusters and lawyers.

We will make sure that your claim is processed with a minimum of fuss and bother to you.


Eagle Insurance Limited provides online facility for notification of claims.

Please choose one of the below categories for which you wish to make a claim:

Note: You will be required to enter a minimum set of information that will allow us to process your request within a short delay.


Click here to read our guidelines which you can follow to ensure a smooth process for the handling of your claims.

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Agreed Statement of Facts

The Agreed Statement of Facts is operational since 1st August 2004 with the main objective of providing a speedier compensation in case of minor road accidents involving two motor vehicles.

Both drivers agree on the circumstances of the road accident, jointly complete and countersign an Agreed Statement of Facts Form.

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