Our History

Our History

our history

Company Profile

Established in December 1973, Eagle Insurance Limited started its operations in January 1974.

We are one of the leading insurance companies in Mauritius which provides comprehensive insurance solutions across a broad range of sectors. Our distinctive position in the market allows us to bring significant benefits to our customers, with a breadth and depth of expertise and experience that provides ultimate peace of mind.

We operate on both the individual and corporate markets, transacting all classes of short-term insurance business such as Car, Home, Accident, Health, Engineering, and Boat insurance. We have built an extensive portfolio of customers, from private individuals to SMEs, and large corporates. Our inherent financial strength is due mainly to our strong capital base and sound reinsurance arrangements.



We started as a joint venture between IBL LTD (80%), one of the biggest groups on the island, and South African Eagle Insurance Co Ltd, now known as Bryte Insurance Company Limited (20%).

Listed on the Official Market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius in 1993, the shareholding profile changed to 60% of the equity for IBL Ltd. The remaining 40% of share is held by HWIC Asia Fund (39.12%) and the public (0.88%) respectively.

We have also acquired a 15% stake in H.Savy Insurance Co. Ltd based in Seychelles during the year 1996, which was subsequently increased to 20% in 2005. We also have a participation in the shareholding of Specialty Risk Solutions Limited and recently in Medscheme (Mtius) Limited.

Group Structure



  1. 2020
    Delisting from the SEM since 15th July 2020
  2. 2020
    Acquisition of 30% shares in Medscheme (Mtius) Limited
  3. 2019
    Celebration of 45th anniversary
  4. 2019
    Relocation to brand-new premises in Ebene
  5. 2019
    Rebranding - Change of name to Eagle Insurance Limited
  6. 2018
    Disposal of remaining 13% shares in MELCO
  7. 2016
    Listing on Stock Exchange of Mauritius Sustainability Index (SEMSI)
  8. 2015
    Change in shareholding to 13% in Mauritian Eagle Leasing Co Ltd (MELCO)
  9. 2013
    Opening of second branch in Trianon
  10. 2013
    ICT Excellence Award 2013 for Website of the Year
  11. 2005
    Increase in stake in H.Savy Insurance Company Ltd to 20%
  12. 2002
    Opening of first branch in Flacq
  13. 2002
    Launch of its corporate website
  14. 2001
    Establishment of a Leasing Company
  15. 1998
    Relocation to new premises at Caudan
  16. 1996
    Acquisition of a 15% stake in H.Savy Insurance Company Ltd
  17. 1993
    Listing on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM)
  18. 1974
    Start of Operations