Casualty Insurance

At Eagle Insurance, we understand that a key to your success is the ability to recognise the risk that you face. That’s why we advise you on a variety of insurance products which have been designed to protect your business.

Employer's Liability

Employer’s Liability policy insures the legal liability of the employer towards employees for personal injury by accident or disease that may arise out of during and in the course of employment with the insured.

Such insurance supplements the benefits afforded under the National Pension scheme (NPS). The employer's liability towards employees who are not eligible for NPS benefits may be insured under Workmen's Compensation Insurance.

Public Liability

Public Liability policy insures legal liability towards a third party for accidental bodily injury and/or loss of or damage to property arising out of and in course of the Insured’s business.

Public Liability also covers the costs of defending claims.

Products Liability

Products Liability policy insures the legal liability for claims raised by third parties against the Insured during the period of insurance and due to injury or damage caused by a defective product or its containers made by or sold by the Insured.

Group Personal Accident

This policy indemnifies the insured against the financial consequences of accidents to employees or other specified persons and provides financial aid to either the insured persons or their beneficiaries in case of accidental death or disablement and medical expenses.

Machinery All Risks

Machinery All Risks policy covers plant, equipment, and machinery against all risks other than those specifically excluded by the Policy.

Business All Risks

Business All Risks Policy has been devised for the insurance of specified small tools and other articles. This Cover provides protection against loss, damage or destruction by fire, theft, accident and it operates anywhere in Mauritius.


This cover insures money in the course of transit or while it is kept in the safe.

Goods in Transit

The policy covers loss or damage to goods being transported by road arising out of fire or accident to the conveying vehicle or other road risks including theft.

Fidelity Guarantee

Fidelity Guarantee policy insures against loss of money or goods belonging to you as the insured due to infidelity or dishonesty of your employees.


Special Contingency Policy is designed to cover the risk which is of a particular nature such as fashion shows, hole in one competitions, prize winning events, cancellation of events.


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