Engineering Insurance

At Eagle Insurance, we have the knowledge to show you how you can stay ahead of emerging risks with our continued tradition of excellence in technical knowledge.

We are also truly committed to our clients across a broad range of industry sectors including construction and manufacturing as well as retail, commercial and public sectors.


Contractors all risks/ Erection all risks

Contractors all Risks / Erection all Risks policy (CAR/EAR) insures damages to contract works including liability towards third parties for accidental bodily injury and/or property occurring in direct connection with the works. Cover is also available for the contractor’s machinery and equipment and for the principal’s existing property.

Advanced loss of Profits

Delayed Start up or Advanced Loss of Profits policy covers monetary losses due to delayed commissioning of a project as a result of a loss during construction / erection which is covered under a project insurance policy (CAR/EAR).

Electronic Equipment

Electronic Equipment policy insures damage to electronic equipment and costs incurred to retrieve and recover lost data and records.

Electronic Equipment can also cover the increased cost of working (e.g: hiring an alternative equipment, personnel overtime and other additional costs) incurred by the Insured to maintain business operations during an interruption caused by a loss covered under the Electronic Equipment policy.

Machinery Breakdown

Machinery Breakdown policy insures loss or damage to machinery following mechanical or electrical breakdown including shortage of water in boilers, physical explosion or short circuit.

Loss of profits following Machinery Breakdown

Loss of Profits following Machinery Breakdown policy covers loss of profits as a result of the interruption of the Insured’s business caused by a Machinery Breakdown.

Loss of Profits also covers increased costs of working i.e. additional costs incurred by the Insured to minimise the loss indemnifiable under the policy.

Deterioration of Stock

This policy covers loss or damage caused by deterioration of stocks in cold storage following the breakdown of the cold storage plant.

The deterioration of the stocks may be due to:

  • Rise in temperature or
  • Sudden and unforeseen escape of refrigerants into the cold storage rooms.


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