Financial & Specialty Insurance

In today's litigious age where 'claim' often follows 'blame' having adequate Professional Indemnity Insurance cover can protect the individual and the business from the financial fallout of such claims covers:

  • Breach of professional duty
  • Breach of trust committed in good faith
  • Defamation and/or injuria
  • Destruction or loss of any documents entrusted to the professional insured
  • Defence costs that may arise in the event of a third-party claiming against the insured

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance provides financial protection for the Directors and Officers of a company in the event they are sued in conjunction with the performance of their duties as they relate to the company. Since a Director can be held personally responsible for acts of the company, most Directors and Officers will demand to be protected rather than put their personal assets at stake.

Commercial crime is a growing risk, never has it been more important for companies to protect themselves against direct financial loss as a result of theft and fraud. Main coverage includes Employee Dishonesty, Computer Fraud, Extortion, Contractual Penalties and Fraudulent Transfer Instructions.

Cyber Risks policy covers organizations against the risks arising out of operating a computer network. It also provides a form of specialized business interruption cover which covers the Insured’s loss of income arising out of computer down-time. The effect of a cyber-attack could be devastating to almost any business: network down-time, loss of important data and loss of credibility when customer information is compromised (not to mention the litigation that would follow if the hacker were to use that information to plunder the customer’s bank account).


Specialty Lines

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance policy contracted out by Multinationals, Conglomerates & Companies operating in high risk regions of the world, Key Executives working in commercially sensitive positions and High Networth Individuals (HNWI) whose wealth or fame may attract the attention of criminals provides protection against:

  • Kidnap
  • Extortion - including threats to kill, injure or abduct or to damage property
  • Illegal Detention
  • Hijack

Available assistance:

  • 24hr Emergency Immediate access to Control Risks Response Team
  • 24 / 7 phone advice by Control Risks Consultants
  • Arrival with 24hr when Consultant is deployed
  • Consultants work on your behalf but you make the final decision

Fine Art covers pictures, paintings, sketches and antiques, gold, silver, any precious metals and jewellery, clocks and watches

Protection against:

  • Accidental damage
  • Theft, mysterious disappearance and lost items
  • Storm, water damage, fire coverage

Cancellation of Event insurance is required for any type of event, including exhibitions, concerts, conferences, processions, festivals and sports events. Our policy provides the cover required to protect event organizers against loss. In order for the cover to apply, the event must either be cancelled, abandoned or postponed due to circumstances beyond the organizer’s control.

Hole in One indemnity insurance is a form of cover that reimburses the insured and/or sponsor in the event of a win for the cost of the prize. The oldest and best-known type of prize of this kind, is awarded in golfing circles in the event of a hole-in-one.


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