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As an employer, offering a corporate health cover to your staff can increase your employee retention level and productivity while ensuring you have a healthy workforce. 

Eagle Insurance has widened its range of insurance products to now include Health Insurance for corporates. After carrying an extensive market research, it has launched its health cover for companies known as CarePlus Corporate. 

On this new venture, Eagle Insurance has outsourced the administrative services of the healthcare administrator, Medscheme. As a member of CarePlus Corporate, your employees and their dependents can benefit from the following innovative added services:

Medscheme PayLess – Members can pay only the excess for their prescribed expenses at participating MedActiv pharmacies and opticians.

Medscheme Touch – Mobile application which allows members to view detailed information on their medical cover and track their claim status in real-time.

Snap & Send – Medical claims can be submitted via the Medscheme Touch and processed more quickly.

E-Membership Card – Available on Medscheme Touch and can be used for clinic admissions and the Medscheme PayLess service.

Payé La Caisse! – Medical claims submitted in person at Medscheme’s counter are processed within 15 to 30 minutes instead of 5 working days.

Online Member Portal – Members can view their medical cover information on an online platform. They can also download or print their personalised documents.

Online Claims Submission – Members can submit their medical claims for refund on the Online Member Portal by uploading their scanned documents.

Online HR Portal – Employers can easily manage and view their employee’s medical benefits from a web-based platform directly linked to Medscheme’s system.

What’s also interesting about CarePlus Corporate?

A combination of over 30
different options including
Inpatient and Outpatient Covers 


Inpatient Limit of up to
 Rs 10 Million annually 


Flexible & Optional
 Outpatient Plans 


New born babies 
covered as at birth 


Continuation of cover for
 clients already covered 


Worldwide Cover Available

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